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How can you make the best use of your tablet in 5 ways while working

When the first lockdown was announced, working from home was considered to be a temporary arrangement to fight the coronavirus, while we waited for the world to go back to ‘normal’. Today, many of us are still working from home months on and will be for the foreseeable future, which begs the question: Are we optimising our home office spaces?  

From a quiet place to work, a comfortable working chair and finding the best spot for the strongest Wi-Fi connection, many things can determine whether your workstation at home is a dream or a disaster. The most important factor, however, is having trustworthy digital devices that help you be as productive as possible in your new working space. 

One device that is quite underrated in the home office is the beloved tablet. We looked at 5 ways you can make the most of your tablet while working from home. 

1. Simplify your workspace by utilising your tablet’s accessories 

When your dining room table is your desk, your partner’s desk, your child’s classroom as well as the place where you hopefully find the time to eat, clutter is the last thing you need. Simplify your workstation by having less devices and accessories likes notebooks, pens and calendars lying around. By using your tablet’s features, like Vastking Kingpad M10’s official docking keyboard, you keep your workspace neat and tidy. 

2. Use your tablet for video calls  

One thing that ample Zoom-meetings have taught us this year is that background scenery can make or break your professional look during video-calls. Whether it’s that funny baby picture on the wall or your dog barking in the yard, your favourite working spot might not always be the most presentable place in your house and it can even distract colleagues during important meetings.  

For this reason, a tablet can be a great solution to setting up an alternative spot specifically for video-calls. With its state-of-that-art viewing experience that features ultra-slim side bezels and an ultra-high screen-to-body ratio, the Vastking Kingpad M10 gives you ample on-screen room for immersive video calls with its 8MP front camera.

3. Expand your visions

One of the best ways to utilise your tablet is by using it as a second screen to your PC or laptop. Many people were used to having two screens in their offices but have been left with only one when they moved home for lockdown. The Vastking Kingpad M10 support the wireless projection, you can easily use it to projects to a computer or your own TV. Bigger vision enables you a more efficient productivity.

4. Use your tablet to stretch your legs and change scenery

While lockdown has blurred the lines between work and home, you might be asking yourself whether you are working at home or sleeping at work? This year, a survey has found that remote workers are tacking on an additional 3 hours per day while working from home. Without the structure of driving to the office and logging off after a normal Nine-to-Six day, it’s more important than ever for you to schedule breaks for yourself.

Make use of the flexibility of a tablet to stretch your legs, sit in the garden or just take a tea break somewhere other than your desk. With super light weight, the Vastking Kingpad M10 is so portable that you can easily carry it around with just one hand while you wanna go out for some fresh air or just have a cup of coffee.

5. The comfortable experience for a long-time utility

During the epidemic, you may take many time working at home, so it raises a high demand for your tablet. You don’t want to met some lagging or delay issues while you are working hard on your presentation or sheet. Vastking Kingpad M10 won’t let such a problem happen, it’s adopted with 4+128GB RAM+ROM, and a high performance AI chip, T618 with a score more than 21W. It can handle the multiple tasks and big APPs easily. With 6000mah battery, up to 12 hours utility time, everywhere you take it, there is no need to worry about the issue of energy.

Besides, you may have your children 24/7 around you, it’s a headache if you want to keep you kids away from tablet or computer or such thing. Vastking Kinpad M10 has parents control mode, you can use it to keep you kids use it for a proper time. And it will block some certain content from the web page.

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