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How to Choose a Tablet Effectively?


Are you looking to purchase a tablet PC for yourself or for your loved one this Christmas, however you don't know which one to get? Here is a handy tablet purchasing manual to assist you with settling on the correct decision.


Almost certainly that tablet PC is a fantastic piece of innovation. With its instantaneous access, instinctive UI, straightforward touch screen control, decent and helpful size and capacity to do essentially anything, no big surprise why it has become such a famous decision for figuring, surpassing PC.


Tablets pack all the intensity of cell phones behind a bigger screen, which proves to be useful when you're viewing Netflix or editing documents in a hurry. These gadgets are adaptable to such an extent that you can even snatch a clasp on console and a remote mouse, and transform your tablet into a portable, thin PC substitution.


Lately, the market has been overflowed with a wide range of tablets, yet plenty of models can be overpowering for us to choose from. It might even impede you with regards to finding that section of cutting edge wizardry that best meets your requirements.


Knowing your alternatives and the determinations you'll will make exploring the tablet simpler. Also, toward the end, you'll have the option to discover a gadget that is ideal for you.


Choose the Right Configuration

  • Screen Size and Resolution

Above all else, you should consider how large you need your tablet to be. Bigger tablets are heavier and more expensive, so you'll need to locate the correct tradeoff between screen size—going generally from 8 to 13 inches—and transportability.


The size of Vastking’s Kingpad SA10 is 258mm x 150mm x 7mm with a 10 inch display screen. Weighted at 620g only, it’s a perfect size to carry around and slip into your backpack at any time. If watching videos is a crucial factor to you, you may want to consider a tablet where you are able to see more details. In that case, the Kingpad SA10 is a great choice with a 1080P resolution. It’s capable to pack more pixels and give you a sharper image and video quality.


  • Battery Life

I’m sure portability is a predominant factor when we consider buying a tablet as we won’t expect to leave our tablet at home at all time. Therefore, the size of the battery matters a lot. Kingpad SA10’s 6000Mah battery is proved to last up to 15 hours of streaming time with a single charge. That’s enough for a whole day’s playing, reading or taking online classes. Don’t bother to bring the charger with you while you are on the way!


  • Processor Speed (CPU) and RAM Memory

As we go through more product specifications, the latest octa-core technology enables a tablet to carry out more advanced tasks such as handling high resolution videos and graphic-heavy games without draining the battery, making the devices fast and efficient as compared to the older quad-core processor. The octa-core CPU makes it more power, fast and energy-efficient. The Kingpad SA 10 has no unnecessary bloatware and its blazing octa-core processor is an exceptional choice for tablet.


The Android 10.0 Operating System

You’ll usually be able to find apps optimized for tablets in the Google Play Store. Going for an Android tablet is a good choice if you want to use it with a broader range of devices or feel uncomfortable getting locked into the Apple ecosystem.


Benefits of choosing the Android system including but not limited to:

  • Seamless integration with Google account and Play Store purchases
  • Android tablet is significantly less expensive than iOS or Windows.
  • There will be lots of customization options for advanced users.
  • Android supports multiple user logins for one device.


There are quite a number of tablets in the market that still use the Android 9.0 system. As contrasted to Android 9, Android 10 offers upgraded protection and security. For instance, Android 10.0 permits clients to have better choices as far as area access authorization. Clients can make up their own mind in the event that they need their location available to third parties as per the terms. Moreover, it offers a lively and secure way that the Biometric API enables applications to use the helpfulness of fingerprints and facial recognition.


Decent Camera Quality

We naturally wouldn’t expect a tablet to have the same camera quality as a smart phone. But if you are planning to use the tablet to take some quality photos and also use it as a digital photo album, then all you need is a decent camera, a good quality screen and expandable space storage. Kingpad SA10’s top-ranked 5MP front and 13MP rear camera has proven to improve photo and video quality significantly and lead the camera experience to a whole new level of quality.


Preference on Design

Kingpad SA10 is incredibly slim, light yet tough and resistant. Made of full metal classic design, we aim to bring out gracefulness and sophistication simultaneously. I’m sure you don’t want to hold up a tablet that’s made of cheap fabric or plastic. Kingpad SA10’s impeccable aluminum surfaces present flaming finish soft to the touch. On top of that, we also offer two colors, the rose gold and the silver grey to fit everyone’s lifestyle.


Specially Designed Blue Light Filter Screen

The amazing 10-inch tablet is equipped with an FHD display that is protected with tempered glass and presents great quality display. With 1920 x 1200 resolutions, the Kingpad SA10 delivers perfect viewing angle for watching videos, EBooks, online streaming and etc. It also features Eye Comfort, Dark and Reading Modes for cozy reading and viewing.


On the other hand, Kingpad SA10’s specially designed blue light filter screen is able to reduce the amount of blue light emitted from digital devices from reaching your eyes without affecting the visibility of the display. It’s an ideal choice for kids who always read or play tablets for a long range of time.


The Budget

We are proud to introduce the Kingpad SA10, the best budget tablet you will ever see. It’s priced at $169.99 in the U.S market and there will be flash sale during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday. Don’t wait until the last moment to have it in your pocket!


In Conclusion

Considering factors of excellent CPU, RAM, long-lasting battery, latest Android 10.0 system, exceptional camera quality, elegant design and surprisingly reasonable price, Kingpad SA10 ranks number one for your tablet choice.

3 Responses

Roy cousineau

Roy cousineau

January 12, 2022

I love your tablet it is working very good and I am keeping this one works very well



January 12, 2022

like it

Robert Dent

Robert Dent

January 12, 2022

The VastKing SA 10 is a great tablet with great speed and some of the best picture resolution you can watch. This is the first tablet I have purchased but I have used other people’s ranging from iPads to fire Kindles and let me tell you when I looked through an array of tablets on Amazon I checked all the boxes and what I was looking for from the octa core processing and Android 10 Google Play also I wanted to get the best picture I could find so with no doubt I came to the conclusion oh yeah and I wanted to make sure that the screen dimensions were as big as they could be and with no doubt it was the VastKing SA 10. I’ve had it for a week now or a little longer and I definitely give it five stars!!!

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