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How to find a tablet that works for you

Looking to invest in a new tablet? A tablet lets you play games, watch video, send email, check Facebook, and even work on the go. Choosing the right tablet, however, can be a headache. The electronics store is a sea of competing models, and online stores are like buying blind. With a little knowledge of what you want and need, you can quickly narrow down your choices and find the perfect tablet.


Here we made a list of what you should know before your purchasing a tablet, hope this will help you.

Step 1: What goal are you going to achieve with a tablet?

Are you hoping to watch movies? Store it in your purse? Type documents? Read articles? Use photoshop? Does it need a keyboard? A stylus? A Webcam? Much like smartphones and laptops, there are a ton of differently sized tablets on the market with a varying set of capabilities. Figure out what matters most to you and write it down. What you need your tablet to do will entirely determine what model you buy. Your decisions here will affect everything that is to come.

Step 2: Which method should I choose for a tablet?

The OS affects which content ecosystem you're tied to – Google Play (Android), iCloud (Apple) or Windows (Microsoft). Each has their own app store and though they might all have some of the same apps, they're not interchangeable between platforms. So if you have an Android, an Apple and a Windows device, you'd probably have to buy the same app three times to run it on each platform.

Apple's iOS Apple boasts more than a million apps in its App Store, with around half that number having iPad-specific versions.

Google's Android OS Android is available on a wide range of tablets from different manufacturers, so you have a wide choice of hardware with now as many apps. The Vastking Kingpad M10 is adopted with the newest Android 11 version , which has the most powerful performance and the most energy saving experience. 

Microsoft The full Windows 10 environment is available on most Microsoft tablets and two-in-ones, so you can easily use existing Windows programs. There is also a cut down version (Windows 10 in S Mode) which you can use and upgrade to the full version but only once.

Step 3: Features you’ll want in your tablet

When you get down to choosing your tablet, Here are some features that you should look for in your next tablet.

Screen Size: There are a wide variety of sizes for tablets, from 7 inches all the way up to 13 inches. The iPad is in the 10-inch category. There was an early wave of 7-inch Android tablets, but more recently we’ve seen a number of tablets that fall somewhere in between 7 and 10 inches. Everyone is different, but to us, 7 inches is a bit too small to not really be just a bigger smartphone and 10 inches can be the most comfortable size to hold it and watch a movie. Vastking Kingpad M10 has adopted the 10.36 inch, 2K IPS screen, which gives you the most delicate visions.


Resolution: Pay close attention to the resolution. For entry-level tablets, you want at least 1280×800 pixels for a decent experience. Tablets with 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) or higher resolution are much better. You might want to look for the PPI (pixels-per-inch) to get an idea of how sharp the picture will be. For example, the iPad Air 4 has a 2360*1640 pixel resolution which translates to 264ppi. Meanwhile, our Vastking kingpad M10 has the resolution of 1200*2000, who has the 234 ppi, it’s roughly the same with iPad air 4.


Storage space: Most tablets vary in capacity from 16GB to 128GB. How much space you'll need depends on how you intend to use the tablet. All tablets are fine for general use like checking emails, browsing the web, and streaming videos and other content over the internet, because that doesn't require much information to be actually stored on the tablet itself.

If you like to carry around your music, videos and lots of apps, however, storage capacity on the tablet will be an important consideration. For light use, 32GB may be enough, but remember that the tablet operating system and mandatory apps will take up a decent amount of that space even before you put your own content on it.

But with our Vastking Kingpad M10, you don’t need to worry about the storage shortage. We have 128GB storage space, you can store all the photos of your family, the games that you are playing, or the movies that you like.
Performance: If you want to run the latest apps and games smoothly, then go for a quad-core processor. Generally-speaking, the higher the GHz, the better. You’ll also want a decent amount of RAM, at least 3GB. Apple is particularly good at getting better performance out of ostensibly lower end hardware. Ultimately, the more horsepower your tablet has now, the longer it will last before it starts annoying the hell out of you.

As for Vastking Kingpad M10, it has T618, 8core 12nm AI intelligent chip with up to 2GHZ frequency and 4GB RAM. You don’t need to worry about its performance, playing games or video editing is just a piece of cake.


WIFI and cellular network: Not only we have the 2.4G&5G dual band WIFI, Vastking Kingpad M10 also supports 4G LTE cellular network, which gives you the access of mobile office. You don’t have to work at home, cafe and subway could be your new work place. Further more, considering its 6000mah battery, which could last for a 12-hours utility time, it’s totally reasonable if you use it for your main force productivity tool.


Connectivity: What you need will depend on how you intend to use it, but generally, the more ports and ways to connect it has, the better. Make sure it supports the latest Bluetooth standard. Expandable storage via SD (or microSD) could be nice, USB or MicroUSB is essential, and Micro HDMI is nice as well. Vastking Kingpad M10 has a USB 2.0 TYPE-C port, which you could connect your devices to it with a TYPE-C adapter.
Besides, it has the official docking keyboard, so you can type more easily. If you want to replace a laptop, then that could be important. You’ll also find Bluetooth keyboards out there will work with any tablet. If typing is something you plan to do, Vastking Kingpad M10 is your essential choice.

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