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Vastking Kingpad K10: The Best Budget Tablet with Detachable Keyboard


Vastking officially released their newest tablet line in late January 2021– the Kingpad K10 tablet, which is a detachable 2-in-1 device that is equipped with Android 10, Octa-Core CPU (2x1.8GHZ + 6x1.6GHZ), 3GB RAM, an internal storage of 32GB and expandable to 512GB. This article will illustrate why is Vastking Kingpad K10 your ultimate choice for an intermediate level tablet.


12nm Chipset CPU for Much More Powerful Performance Than Before

Controlled by our amazing 12nm chipset, work and amusement are altogether on the Kingpad K10. The fabulous Octa-Core 2x1.8GHz +6X1.6GHz CPU is a quite a breakthrough in processing power.

As compared with our Kingpad SA10’s 28nm chipset, Kingpad K10’s 12nm chipset is truly an improvement in both processing speed and the ability for low power consumption.


CPUs are made using billions of small semiconductors, electrical entryways that switch on and off to perform figuring. They take ability to do this, and the more modest the semiconductor, the less power is required. 12nm is measurement of the size of these semiconductor— “nm” being nanometers, a miniscule length—and are a valuable measurement for judging how amazing a specific CPU is.


Since more modest semiconductors are more power effective, they can accomplish more calculations without getting excessively hot, which is generally the restricting component for CPU execution. It also allows for smaller die sizes, which diminishes costs and can increase density at the same sizes, and this implies more centers per chip. Therefore, Kingpad K10 is implemented with a more powerful CPU than the previous tablet line SA10.


Extremely fast and outstanding with negligible delay, Kingpad K10 is able to run games that require high velocity and handle multiple tasks at the same time. The 2-Core GPU, frequency at 650MHz presents particularly fast gaming experience. It runs the same processor as Samsung and can maintain up to 20 days of backup time.


Detachable Keyboard to Serve as Both Keyboard and Protective Case

Vastking is adding two new devices to our intermediate and high-end level tablet line – the Kingpad K10 and K10 Pro – both which are detachable 2-in-1 devices that support facial recognition unlock and the memory is expandable up to 512GB with a MicroSD card. Kingpad K10 has the bonus of coming bundled with the keyboard, simply snap it on or off for easy connection, no charging or pairing is required.


Use Vastking Kingpad K10 as a laptop with a full-sized, comfortable, and responsive keyboard, or detach it for use as a 10.1" tablet. The five-point pogo pin and magnet design makes it easy to connect and detach, and it’s super thin and portable. Enjoy smooth typing experience and the convenience of multi-touch touchpad. Enjoy functions like one finger tap, two fingers scroll, three fingers swipe down and three fingers swipe up.


Instant Face Unlock to Unlock Your Favorite Tablet in Seconds

With the newly invented facial recognition unlock feature, simply unlock your Kingpad K10 without the need to type a word. Facial recognition is an AI-based innovation that perceives human faces immediately and brings better security and work mechanization. The primary thing to begin with is surveillance. With the assistance of facial recognition, it will be easier to track down any burglars, thieves, or other trespassers. Previously, safety officers needed to perform manual identification of a person that took too much time and did not boast high accuracy. But today, facial recognition is completely independent in the identification process and not only takes seconds but is also incredibly accurate.


Wireless Projection for Your Movies and Videos

The Kingpad K10 supports wireless projection which allows you to project your tablet screen onto a large display, without the need of an adapter cable. Wireless projection is genuinely self-explanatory and means your favorite Kingpad K10 display can be fully mirrored through the projector remotely. Whatever is shown through your device will be identical through the projector so what you see on one screen is what you get on the other screen.


High Resolution 5+13MP Cameras with Flash

Capture all important and memorable moments with the 13MP high resolution back camera. The advanced 13MP back camera with flash has reliably made Kingpad K10 your best buddy. Catch all great, sharp and significant photographs in life even in faint lights. With 5MP front camera, enjoy clear and sharp business meetings with colleagues.


Full HD Screen with Dual Speakers

Dual Speakers for Dynamic Sound: Let Kingpad K10's dual speakers to achieve stereo sound, which greatly improved your audiovisual experience. With dual speakers, human ear will process the information obtained by the left and right sides to determine the specific direction of the sound, thereby simulating the stereo sound in reality. Different sounds are emitted through the two speakers, so that users can receive different information in both ears, thereby simulating the stereo sound in reality. Enjoy the surrounded sparkling and rich sound!


5G Wifi and Bluetooth 5 Supported

Kingpad K10 has the advantage of 5GHz, which is the higher transfer speed and it’s less vulnerable to interference. At the same time, 5G Wifi has the potential to cut through network clutter and interference to maximize network performance.


In addition, Kingpad K10 also brings Bluetooth 5, which has faster speeds and more range. Bluetooth 5 has a maximum of four times the range, eight times he bandwidth, and twice the speed. Therefore, Bluetooth 5 ensures quick and stable connection.


Google Assistant to Free Your Hands at Anytime

Google Assistant's Ambient Mode is a new visual overview that makes it easier to see notifications and reminders, start a playlist and control smart home devices on the lock screen of your device. According to a Google blog post, the Ambient Mode feature turns the screen of the tablet into smart display, showing essential information including upcoming calendar appointments as well as reminders, the current weather, notifications, reminders, music controls and smart home controls. It also turns Kingpad K10 into a digital photo frame using an image from Google Photos app on the device.

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