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Vastking Officially Released Kingpad SA10 Worldwide


Being a pioneer brand in manufacturing affordable high-quality tech products, Vastking has announced its newest tablet line – the Kingpad SA10. It is said to be implemented with the latest Android 10.0 system and blazing fast performance. Vastking has continuously innovated in specific regions to upgrade client experience and contentment.


With the grand release of Kingpad SA10, it is available for purchase from Amazon and Vastking’s official website worldwide for $169.99 (discount code available) starting from Nov 16th, 2020.


Powerful Performance

Running the latest 10.0 Android system, this stunning tablet features a 10.0-inch display screen with a resolution of 1920*1200 pixels and it’s powered by an octa-core 1.6GHz processor. The 3GB RAM implements greater running speed and is able to accommodate more applications simultaneously. The Kingpad SA10 also comes with 32GB of onboard storage and users may easily expand the storage up to 128GB with a micro SD card.


Vastking believes Kingpad SA10 brings a brand new world of performance for users to run bloatware-free systems and perform a high level of smoothness. The renovated Kingpad SA10 implies to be a multitalented tablet that is suitable for both working professionals and students in either home or office circumstances. At the given price, the details as far as processors and RAM are very noteworthy and let the tablet perform immaculately.


Exquisite Design

The overall design of Kingpad SA10 is slim, light yet tough and resistant. Kingpad SA10’s impeccable aluminum surfaces present a flaming finish soft to the touch. The tablet is presented in silver grey and rose gold colors and users are free to choose any style they favor. The 620g only bodyweight supports ease travel companion and lets users to enjoy every aspect of entertainment.

On the other hand, Kingpad SA10 is only 7mm thin, which is ranked among the thinnest tablets in most major brand.


Long-lasting Battery Life

The tablet is supported by a 6000 Mah battery that keeps the gadget up to almost a week’s standby time and 15 hours of continuous play and browsing. There wouldn’t be any complaints from a customer who worry about the battery running out in a single business day. To add to the comfort further, highlights like Battery Saver Mode further helps with monitoring the battery life.


Specially Designed Blue Light Filter Screen

The Kingpad SA10 is a budget-friendly tablet but makes no mistake when it comes to its Full HD IPS display. The 10.0" wide-point shows the most solid bit of equipment for long review meetings. Many people may face eye strain while taking a look at tablets, however with Kingpad SA10, one can decrease eye strain with this specific blue light filter screen, and clients can undoubtedly move to eye comfort mode.


Camera Quality

Users naturally wouldn’t expect a tablet to have the same camera quality as a smartphone. But if you are planning to use the tablet to take some quality photos and also use it as a digital photo album, then all you need is a decent camera, a good quality screen and expandable space storage. Kingpad SA10 comes with 5MP front and 13MP rear cameras and brings the camera experience to a whole new level of quality.


Other Important Features

While discovering other brands in terms of the warranty policy, Vastking offers an extended 24 months’ warranty policy, which grants more protection to the after-sale procedure. To add to the favorable position, the company has additionally guaranteed that there will be furthermore quarterly security refreshes for at least the coming two years for the tablet.


Visit more for details:

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1 Response

Ray Thiesing

Ray Thiesing

January 18, 2022

I recently purchased a Vastking Kingpad SA10 for my wife. I’m very impressed with the quality and speed. Now I just need to get a case for it.

Ray Thiesing

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