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Vastking Kingpad K10 Pro – 3 in1 Tablet Comes With Keyboard Case and Stylus Pen

Vastking has officially announced their budget tablet – the Vastking Kingpad K10 Pro. K10 Pro is an all-in-1 tablet with keyboard and stylus pen included, equipped with Android 10, Octa-Core CPU (2×1.8GHZ + 6×1.6GHZ), 4GB RAM, an internal storage of 64GB and expandable to 512GB, powerful enough for all your daily tasks, also big enough for all your favorites.

The newly released Kingpad K10 Pro brings a 1.8 GHz incredible Octa-Core processor and 4 GB RAM. It joins uncommon usefulness effortlessly of utilization and flexibility for your ideal tablet experience.
The rectangular white packaging box brings out polished and elegantly designed bundling box, our group was intrigued by Kingpad K10 Pro’s overall well designed quality. We were especially impressed by the 2-in-1 keyboard tablet with stylus pen. When we were testing the product, we were impressed by how easily the keyboard case is able to be connected to the tablet. There is no charging or pairing required to connect the keyboard to the tablet. The automatic sleep and wake function helps to save power; the multi-function touchpad can uphold different finger contact positions, for example, two finger tap and three fingers swipe and up. We find it especially useful for light business function such as business meetings and online video chat where the stylus pen can serve as a useful tool to either draw some outlines or draft a picture.

Another key highlight will be the stylus pen that can be attached to the keyboard and detach whenever you need to use it. Boost your motivation to the greatest extent with the help of the stylus pen. The excessively thin 1.66mm pen tip with pressure sensitivity, palm rejection technology gives a characteristic composing feeling and brisk, easy communication with your screen. Can be used for digital drawings, a drawing example using Kingpad K10 like below

In addition, the milestone of Kingpad K10 Pro will be its 12nm chipset CPU for an integrated and improved powerful performance than before. Running the Octa-Core 2×1.8GHz +6X1.6GHz CPU, Kingpad K10 Pro performs much better in both processing speed and the ability to save power. According to benchmark tool Antutu, Kingpad K10 Pro scores at 180k in the overall performance, which proves its outstanding capability to run heavy games or perform high end task.

Running the most recent 10.0 Android system, the Kingpad K10 Pro is by all accounts both novel and familiar. Amazingly quick and exceptional with minimal delay, Kingpad K10 Pro is able to run games that require high speed and handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The 2-Core GPU, recurrence at 650MHz presents especially quick gaming experience. It runs a similar processor as Samsung and can keep up as long as 20 days of stand-by time.

The exceptionally innovated Kingpad K10 Pro is equipped with a 6000 mAH battery and it includes a forward looking 8-megapixel camera for selfies, business meetings and on the back there is a 13-megapixel camera for photographs and recordings.

Another great improvement will be the 4GB RAM which presents greater performance while users are running multiple tabs at the same time. Kingpad K10 Pro can impeccably achieve multiple applications running without delay.

The price of $229.99 is amazingly reasonable for an intermediate level tablet, and there will be some discounts available in both Amazon and Vastking official website. Check out more on for more details about Vastking Kingpad K10 Pro!

Source: Geeky Gadgets

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