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VASTKING Launches King Pad sato Tablet At $169.99


VASTKING'S brand new tab - KingPad sa10 is one to look forward to if you are looking for a budget tablet that is both affordable as well as sturdy. Built to compete with the likes of tabs from Lenovo, Asus, and HTC, this tablet gives you the luxury of high-end tablets without making a massive hole in your pocket. This tablet is a complete package and comes in two vibrant colors rose gold and space silver.

The KingPad SA10 comes equipped with GMS Certified Android 10 that gives you an immersive experience from day one. You Tube, Gmail, Google Map, and other fun apps come preloaded, making this tab a go-to if you want a device for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Get a blazing performance

The strong all-metal body contains a powerful 8 core octa-core 16Hz processor with 3GM Ram which significantly proves its performance and efficiency. Gaming browsing or multitasking the KingPad SA10 can do it all.You get everything large and in charge but at a great price.

Dream Design

Designed for opulence, this tablet is the embodiment of elegance, the sleek and smooth body is courtesy of its all-metal integrated body. Its sturdy design also ensures that it isn't easily damaged. It has an ultra-modern desig coupled with a weight of around 1 lb that makes it an excellent choice for anyone who is always on the go.

Vivacious Display

The tablet has a 10"crystal clear touch screen featuring 1080P resolution with dual speakers built-in for a truly immersive cinematic experience. So don't you worry about the movies that you may have missed on the big screen. VASTKING has just brought the big screen right to your living room. Although the display may not be 4K anything shot in 4K will also look great on this screen, and because they care they have also included an anti-blue light screen that reduces the amount of stress you put on your eyes even if you do use the tablet all day long.

Sound quality

As you already know, this device comes with built-in dual speakers that can get pretty loud. However, if you enjoy watching a lot of movies and videos, the device also has a standard headphone jack for your favorite pair.


The 13 MP back camera helps make every important moment a beautifully captured memory. In contrast, the 5MP front camera ensures that you look good for conference calls as well as online family reunions.

Hands-free experience

Never worry about scrolling through your contacts amid a messy task or looking up the next new recipe you need for your big dinner party. The tablet lets you control it with hassle-free voice commands for the ultimate hands-free experience.


This device comes with 32GB of storage, but unlike most common tablets if that isn't enough, you also get the option to expand to 128GB with the help of a microSD card. You no longer have to delete older pictures to make space for more all you have to do is add an Sd card or swap it out for a new one.

Uninterrupted all-day

The 6000mAh battery gives you up to 12 hours of life with a single charge which means you can go on browsing, playing, and viewing without the worry of it suddenly switching off All in all this product is an excellent investment for someone who is looking for a good quality tablet, that has everything you need, is easily portable, allows you to travel in comfort, matches your style and all of this below S170. What more can you ask for?


* News from mytabletguide.

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